Saturday, January 11, 2014

It's Saturday! Let's Celebrate!

I thank Ruth Ayres for hosting the Saturday Celebrations on Discover. Play. Build


I celebrate my OLW for this year:  Promise.  I liked this word because of its ability to be both noun and verb, implying both an active and a passive role for me.  I promise that I will do my very best to be the teacher my students need.  I promise my family that I will do my very best to balance work and family.  I promise myself that I will not live on autopilot, but will work to be present, to enjoy the passing moments that are flying by too fast.  I will also revere the promise that the future holds, the promise that my 10-year-old is showing as she works to rebuild her mathematical foundation, the promise that my 12-year-old shows as she works to navigate the tricky social world of middle school and all the incredible promise that I see in the year ahead.


I celebrate my students; those that just joined my classroom this week and those that returned to me in various emotional states after the two week break.  It feels like we are starting over in the building of our classroom community, which presents both a challenge and an opportunity.  We’ll get there, right?

I’m celebrating the winter in Colorado.  My family takes full advantage of all that the Rocky Mountains have to offer, especially in the winter.  My husband and daughters took a “powder day” yesterday (DEF:  A powder day is a day you “call in sick” to work/school because skiing on the freshly fallen snow is just too good to miss.)  All day, I received texts with photos of action shots from the slopes, hot cocoa "mustaches" and ice skating.  My girls are very lucky indeed.

Tell me, friends, what are you celebrating this week?


  1. Hi Sarah, I like the word 'promise', so full of hope and new things, isn't it? From your post, I think you live in Colorado. Are you in the Denver area? I live in Denver, right across from the Lowry Town Center. Happy to hear from another Colorado person!

    1. Hi Linda! Yes, I do live in Colorado. We used to live in Denver (very close to Lowry, actually), but moved up to the Boulder area a few years ago. It's great to connect with another Colorado teacher! Where do you teach?

  2. Promise is a great word. The ages of your children are wonderful, yet challenging, yet full of promise! I miss those years when mine were growing into the young adults they have become. I teach 4th grade in Indiana so I will look forward to reading you blog. Have a great week!

  3. Thanks for celebrating Sarah! You make me wish there were "Powder Days" around my home. It sounds delightful (and a little torturous for you to be on the working-end of a Powder Day!)
    Shine on,