Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dramatic Play Continues

My daughters have always enjoyed dramatic play.  From the time they could speak to one another, they were always engaged in some sort of dramatic play scenario.  Over the years, this play has evolved somewhat from the fantastical, imaginary worlds to the more day-to-day family, friend or workplace scenario.  For example, we happened upon this lovely little cafe the other night, the "GF Cafe" (that's Gluten-Free, for those of you fortunate souls who haven't been touched with a Celiac diagnosis...)

We thought the menu looked delightful and immediately placed two orders for the "Cob Salad."  We were very pleasantly surprised when our lovely waitress arrived with this presentation.

Gf Cafe

While my daughters clearly are capable of cooking a beautiful (and delicious, I might add!) meal for my husband and I, it was still important for them to "play" restaurant, not to just make dinner for us. While they are growing into competent young women, they still want to dress up as servers (aprons, order pads and all!) and play restaurant. For younger children, research shows that children use dramatic play to try on different personas, to practice social behaviors and problem solving. I guess my daughters are still doing that, which feels like a pretty healthy way to navigate the sometimes rough waters of 'tween-hood.

Our Table

We don't mind one bit.

And the bill?  "That will be 5 cents, please."

Yep, still firmly entrenched in play.