Friday, July 13, 2012

A History Lesson

Leona's quilt

Earlier this summer, we took a family trip to Minnesota to visit my husband's family.  We stayed with his dear Aunt Vivian and, as always, thoroughly enjoyed our time there.  While we were there, she gave me this quilt top.  This was embroidered by my husband's grandmother long before she passed away in the 80's. Each embroidered square depicts a state flower and the abbreviation of the state. Aunt Vivian asked if I would be interested in finishing the quilt. "Of course I would!" So, my girls and I got to work. The first job was to carefully wash and press this lovely piece.


 After we had it all pressed and spread out to view, we noticed that there were 8 rows of 6 embroidered squares. I asked, "How many flowers are there?" (We've been working on multiplication.) "Let's see, that means 8 6's or 8 groups of 6," said my 9-year-old. "That's 48!" yelled my almost-11-year-old (she can never wait for her sister to come up with the answer...) "So, how many states are there?" "Hmmm...there are 50 states! Some are missing!" So, we got to work.

State Flower Question
We made up a 6 x 8 square chart and listed each state on the chart - luckily they were in alphabetical order. Then, my girls set to work to determine which two were missing. It didn't take long before someone yelled, "Mom, we're missing Alaska and Hawaii!" "Why do you think those two are missing?" "Those were the last two states!" Then, my girls did a bit of research and determined that Alaska and Hawaii gained statehood in 1959. "So, what does that tell us about when your Great-Grandma made this quilt?" "Wow, mom, it's REALLY old."

Pressed 2

So, we finished backing and binding the quilt and mailed it off to Aunt Vivian for her birthday...along with a message about why there are only 48 states and a complete listing of the states and their respective state flowers. Thanks to Great-Grandma Leona for the history lesson. What a great way to learn!

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