Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Dancer

When I was a young girl, I danced every day.  Dance was my escape from the pressures of growing up, my safe retreat.  My raggedy, old, pointe shoes are still with me and, I must admit, a source of pride for the craft to which I was once so devoted.

Fast forward 20 years.  Now, she's the dancer.  Last night, in a room crowded with over 500 people, I watched in awe.  Her pirouettes are spectacular.  Her newly found love of lyrical dance apparent in her grace and presence.  The grand finale was a whole cast production number set to "Fame," the theme song from the TV show that was once a source of inspiration for me.  My worlds collided and I was moved to tears.

My girls both have their own interests and talents.  The can do things I could never do.  They see things I can never see.  But once in a while, we share a passion.  We share an unspoken love of a craft that moves our souls. And it takes my breath away.