Thursday, August 5, 2010

Right Now

Right now, my sweet 9-year-old, you love that you finally turned 9, but can't wait to be 10.

Right now, you read Nancy Drew mysteries one after another, completely absorbed in Nancy's world.

Right now, you love the color purple.

Right now, you can spend hours working on an art project, but you have no idea how talented you are.

Right now, you like your mornings to move slowly and you don't worry about where you need to be.

Right now, you feel frustrated when I baby you or when your little sister pushes your buttons.

Right now, you are caught in the space between being a child, completely relishing your parents' attention and being a young woman, with an independent spirit all your own. 

Right now, my sweet first born, I couldn't possibly be more proud of you and couldn't possibly love you more.  Happy 9th Birthday. 

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