Thursday, October 8, 2009


Welcome to my blog, Ghost Canyon Creative.  This is a step on my journey to live a more authentic, creative, inspired life.  

Where the heck is "Ghost Canyon?"  Let me tell you.  I grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where there is still untouched wilderness, inspiring landscape, and cowboys.  Ghost Canyon Ranch is a place near Hermosa, South Dakota, at the end of a winding, dusty, dirt road, back in a hidden canyon among rolling hills, open meadows.  It is surrounded by pine trees that smell like butterscotch.  I attend horse camp there when I was younger and it represents for me the first step in my life toward independence, creativity and an appreciation for nature.  It holds a very special place in my heart.  

I visited Ghost Canyon in August to find that it is now a bed and breakfast, but some of the buildings and landscapes remain just as I remember them.  

The old barn and corral where we'd retrieve our tired horses each morning.  Poor Rusty and April (my two horses from the years I was at camp,) so patiently allowed me to lead them in and prepare them for the day's rides.   

The storage shed where our bridles, saddles and saddle blankets were stored.  

The main house where the owners lived and where we ate all of our meals.  

Although the 2-story bunkhouse where we stayed has been torn down and replaced with a new building, it really looks much the same as it did when I was there.  I remember so clearly lugging my steamer trunk (one of my prized possessions - made me feel so "well traveled") up the stairs to our sleeping quarters.  I remember listening to Prince's "Purple Rain" soundtrack in the afternoons when we'd all sit on the porch, read books, write in journals or sketch.  I remember racing to get to the shower because there was only so much hot water and I REALLY wanted a hot shower.  Funny how it all comes back to you. 

Those were some wonderful times and speak to me in volumes about my childhood in South Dakota.  It was a treasure.  This child still lives within me and I'm working to give her a voice.  So, I've named my new endeavor, Ghost Canyon Creative, to honor this special place in my life.  I hope is will serve as a constant reminder of the peace, tranquility, sense of community and appreciation for nature that I experienced there.  

Here's to the future...and all of the wonderful things to come.    Thank you for joining me. 


  1. This is beautiful Sarah. Congratulations on beginning your blog and new chapter in your creative journey.

  2. Love your photos and congrats on the new blog! You seem to be off to a great start :)

  3. Hi there Sarah . . . Just saying "hello" as we are classmates in Together. : ) Your blog is lovely. I really like it. I'm out west, too, but not a native as you are. I love the way you speak of it. Also, you write: "This child still lives within me and I'm working to give her a voice." That is a wonderful sentiment . . I think I'm there, too. Trying to give a voice to something within that may actually be the me when I was littler.
    Looking forward to "seeing" you in class! : )